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Atualizado: 3 de mar. de 2022

Dra Alessandra Gorgulho - Board da Sociedade International de Radiocirurgia escreve sobre iniciativa Educacional Mundial em Radiocirurgia na América Latina e lidera séries de Webinars.

The CNS Hot Topics & Experts’ Perspective - Latin America Educational Series launched by the ISRS is a tremendous success. Due to the limitations imposed by the pandemics, we were challenged to reshape academic interaction and scientific exchange opportunities. We overcame the challenge through the digital media. Our webinars are focused on the pros and cons of different treatment techniques for neurological diseases. Speakers’ clinical expertise allied to the panelists’ inquisitive mindset have fostered in depth discussions, spearing new ideas. The audience participation has been boosted through pool questions and interaction with speakers and panelists, demonstrating a kin interest in Radiosurgery. The ISRS Educational Series has outreached a broad and diverse audience interested on Central Nervous System treatments, not limited to Latin America, but also gathering participants from North America, Europe and Asia. The Latin America Educational Series will continue up to June 2021, opening up space for the other continents to continue this successful enterprise.

The program encompasses the main applications of stereotactic radiation in different subareas of neurosurgery, including functional, oncology, vascular, spine and completely novel applications. The goal of the Series is to offer an open-minded forum where experts with distinctive points of view share and compare results and complications with transparency and high ethics. Outstanding lectures given by world renowned specialists in Radiosurgery, Neuromodulation, Microneurosurgery, Radiation Oncology and Medical Physics are featured. Amidst the limitations imposed by Covid-19, we were able to actually gather such a diverse team in one single event that otherwise wouldn’t be possible in a physical presential meeting! The Latin American Series fulfills International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society mission “to advancing the field of stereotactic radiosurgery through research, education and multidisciplinary collaboration” in an accessible and affordable way for the society and for the eager audience to participate. Latin America has experienced a flourishment of new radiosurgery programs as a consequence of investments in high technology not seen before. The quality work of Latin America´s centers being presented at the ISRS Educational Series brings the ISRS closer to this continent, enhancing the interaction between our society and this important geographic and highly populated continent. We are also convinced that this approach increased ISRS visibility among specialists not necessarily acquainted with stereotactic radiation, spreading awareness of our Society’s essence, fostering further development of Radiosurgery services. We are thrilled with the positive feedback received by this initiative and motivated by repetitive requests to free access of the recorded sessions. As a celebration of ISRS 30TH Anniversary, the Society will provide free online access to the Webinars for two months, from April 1st to May 31st of 2021! For those who would like to see again these outstanding webinars and for those who missed, take advantage of this offer! Also, we invite attendees to become members of this very dynamic and scientifically solid community dedicated to developing the safest and most efficient method of minimally invasive treatments to challenging diseases. See further information on how to become an ISRS member by yourself or through your local Society (National Radiosurgery, Neurosurgery, Radiation Oncology, Medical Physics) at link. ISRS is dedicated to boost world-wide education and foster members’ interaction! Alessandra Gorgulho, MD MSc Member of Webinar Committee - Chair of Educational Webinar Series

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